1. International Symposium on Modernization and Tradition in Language and Literature

It brings together the people of science and art working in the fields of language and literature all over the world “1. Modernization and Tradition in the International Language and Literature “has hosted the symposium was held at Karabük University.

The three-day symposium, organized by Karabük University, International Sarajevo University, International Balkan University, Baku Eurasia University, Eurasian Institute of Humanities, aims to produce modern language and literature methods and theories that are fed from tradition.

Hamit Çepni Symposium opened at the Conference Hall. Dr. Refik Polat, Rector of the International Balkan University Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoglu , Vice Rector of International University of Sarajevo Dr. Metin Toprak, Vice Rector of the Institute of Humanities, Eurasia Dr. Kadir Ahmetov , Vice Rector of the University of Eurasia, Baku Dr. Gulzar Prof. Ibrahimova , Vice Rector Dr. Prof. Dr. Ali Güneş, Faculty of Literature Dr. Murat Ağarı , Dean of Faculty of Theology Dr. Prof. Dr. Hür Mahmut Yücer , Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee Inst . Dr. With Zeki Tekin, many invited speakers, department heads, academicians, and students attended.

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat

Rector of our university Dr. Refik Polat, in his speech at the 1 st International Symposium on Language and Literature, thanked the rector, vice-rectors, and academics of the common universities for the implementation of the Congress.   Rector Polat also said, “We received my greetings from our esteemed colleagues. I am sending greetings to Sarajevo, Skopje, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the Balkans from here, “he said.

Our Rector Dr. Refik Polat stated that at the end of his speech, each academic unit would like to have at least 2 congresses per year and that these would be internationally realized, and that these congresses would like to continue to gain brand value every year.

Rector Polat, drawing attention to the realization of the congress, gave the following statements: “They set a very beautiful topic; Modernization and Tradition in Language and Literature. I do not have much in the field of literature, but I can say a few things about the congress. We cannot understand anything if we listen to what people say about 100 years ago, 100 years later they will not understand what we are talking about today. So this subject is never old. ”

Rector also emphasized the importance of the good use of time. Dr. Refik Polat concluded his speech by saying: “Time is something that can never be stored. I need to know the value of the time and evaluate it well. It also passes in the Qur’an, it is sworn in time. Time-savers always do it. I hope the conference will be successful in a beautiful environment where knowledge and experience are shared. ”

Symposium Organizing Committee Dr. Zeki Tekin

After the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Zeki Tekin thanked the participants, saying, “I salute all of you with the hope that the valuable participants who will listen for two days will contribute to the world of science and idea through their horizon presentations on modernization and tradition.”

Rector of the International Balkan University Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu

International Balkan University Rector İsmail Kocayusufoglu said, “Language will undoubtedly constitute one of the most important ties of a society.” Kocayusufoglu gave information about the International Balkan University and Skopje, saying that the invitation to the congress aroused great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and that they accepted this invitation with satisfaction and desire.

Vice-Rector of International University of Sarajevo Dr. Metin Toprak

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Metin Toprak expressed that the common campus, double diploma and student exchange programs should be implemented in our country for the realization of language unity in modern understanding.Speaking at Karabük University, Toprak said, “Nobody believes that Karabük University, which has more than 50 thousand students despite being a young university, is a small country.”

Vice Rector of the Institute of Humanities, Eurasia Dr. Kadir Ahmetov

Professor Dr. Kadir Ahmetov said, “We need to be able to read and understand the same things in order for Turks to think in common and find a common share. I hope that this partnership in the scientific field will be beneficial and I hope that you will succeed by hoping that everyone will benefit. ”

Prof. Dr. Baku Eurasia University Vice Rector Dr. Gulzar Ibrahimova

Professor Dr. Gulzar In Ibrahimova’s speech, “Language is the life of the nation. Language In the world, a person or nation declares in great glory an identity. He tries to express his or her own self-literacy, self-artistry, self-indulgence power in written or oral language. ”

Professor of the KBU Literature Faculty Dr. Murat Ağarı

Professor Dr. Murat Agi “in all areas of social sciences in summary; language and literature and modernization in the field of theology, language, sociology, philosophy and history are constantly debated. Discussed yesterday is discussed today. I am confident that this symposium and these discussions will contribute. ”

After the speeches, the Rector. Dr. Refik Polat presented the certificate of appreciation to the participants.

On the first day, Hamit Çepni began to hold negotiations in the Conference Hall and on the second and third days the regular sessions continued in the Conference Room of the Faculty of Theology. In the symposium, the past, present, and future approaches to the understanding of traditional and modern language and literature were discussed.

Benzer Haberler