10th International Conference on Nuclear Structure Features

The opening of the 10th International Conference on Nuclear Structures Conference, where young researchers working in the field of Nuclear Physics and scientists from abroad who are competent in the field come together. Dr. Refik Polat also participated in the event.

The opening ceremony was held at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Science of our university. Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, Deputy Governor Osman Yenidoğan, Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Ali Güneş, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaşar and Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Kürtül and numerous academicians and researchers participated.

Dean Professor Dr. Uluer

Prof. Dean of the Faculty of Science made the opening speech of the 10th International Conference on Nuclear Structure Properties. Dr. Prof. Dr. İhsan Uluer stated the conference is being held again with the desires of the rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat.

Uluer thanked TUBITAK and the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority for contributing to the conference and briefly discussed the history of nuclear science and the history of the conference.

Rector Prof. Dr. Polat

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, in his speech at the 10th International Conference on Nuclear Structures, pointed out the importance of the conference and said that many people think nuclear is the atomic bomb when it comes to nuclear. “With these kinds of scientific activities, we see that nuclear is used effectively in health, industry and many other fields, and we are looking for ways to improve it,” Polat said.

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat said that they always want to organize a congress every week in order that Karabük can be one of the centers of science by always saying that they are ready to help scientific studies.

He said Karabük University hosted the conference the second time, and thanked to the participation of the academicians for the conference.

Deputy Governor Yenidoğan

Deputy Governor Osman Newborn, who attended the opening of the conference, said “I greet all the participants on behalf of Karabük Governor Kemal Çeber. I would like to say that I am very happy that the scientific study of such an important and up-to-date issue took place in Karabük. I would like to thank everyone, especially the Rector for holding  the conference .”

After the speeches, the Rector. Dr. Refik Polat presented the certificate of appreciation to the participants.

Invited speakers from three universities and researchers from different universities, working in the field of Nuclear Building Physics and Nuclear Science, discussed current nuclear physics topics. In the event; Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Models, Nuclear Scattering and Reaction, Nuclear Analytical Techniques and Methods, High Energy and Particle Physics, Medical and Health Physics, took part in oral and poster presentations on Radiation Measurement and dosimeters.

Future engineers landed on the field

Students of Karabuk University Vehicle Technology Club organized a technical tour to the Hyundai and Ford Otosan factories in Kocaeli.

Approximately 30 students from Automotive, Mechatronics and Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments participated in the technical tour organized by the club.

Throughout the trip, students had the opportunity to see the car in many different ways, from how the car was made to the operation of the factories.

Stating that all the problems they asked were answered sincerely by the factory workers, the students said with the help of this kind of technical trips they have already searched for ways to work in such factories after graduating.

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