10th Year Events

The 10th Year Activities organized by the University’s Health and Culture Sports Department started with the participation of a large number of students and academic-administrative staff.

The opening ceremony of the events held at the Demir Çelik Kampüsü, which will continue until October 13rd, by the participation of Dr. Refik Polat with the Secretary-General Dr. Mücahit Coşkun, Karabük Provincial Mufti Halil Bektas, Provincial Director of Science Industry and Technology Selahattin Emirsüleymanoğlu, Provincial Director of the Ferudun Karataş.

Third Book Days being done

Within the scope of the activities, the opening of the Book Days, which is located in the orange wing, was realized first. Within the scope of the “Book Days” event, which became traditional and was organized this year as 3rd place, many publishing houses have gathered thousands of books with students.

Rector Polat, who studied the students and the protocol and books here, In our anniversary we wanted to celebrate our organization with some activities. It was best to start with the book days. I think this is our best message. I hope it will be good for our university and my city. This is also a clear field for all secondary and high school students. The new year of education and training is primarily a priority for our country and especially to Karabük University and Karabük University, we are ready for everything. ”


Blood donation campaign has great interest

Again, the same field was met with great interest by the blood donation campaign students and staff organized within the scope of the business association of the Turkish Red Crescent and the Karabük Branch. “10. Yıla Özel 2007 Unit Blood Donation “with the slogan” Rector Polat visited the event and chatted with those who donated blood individually. Prof. Rector who made a speech here. Dr. Refik Polat, “We as a family of Karabük University, we want to contribute to the need for blood. This year, our college is working for the 2007 blood donation campaign, which is dedicated to the establishment of our university. This is a 3-week event. Because the Red Crescent was not able to catch up with us for 1 day. Now we have been in this activity for 3 weeks. Hopefully, in 3 weeks, 2007 unit blood will be given to the family as a family of Karabük Kızıl. “He said.

Students both entertaining and motivated with ‘Motivasoyun’

The ‘motivasoyun’ event was held in the scope of the 10th Year Activities and aims to motivate the students to the University. The event, which takes place in the field next to the orange canteen, will allow students to enjoy themselves for four days. During the “Motivasoyun” event, there will be many activities such as golf, boxing, trampoline, bowling, pinball, billiard, hockey, football, balance and mind games.



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