3. National Insurance and Actuarial Congress

Bringing together academics working in the insurance sector in Turkey, Karabük University 3rd National Insurance and Actuarial Congress began.

The conference will take place in the conference rooms of Faculties of Theology and Science for 2 days. The rector of our university, Refik Polat, Deputy Undersecretary of Treasury Ahmet Genç, Faculty of Business Dean Dr. Murat Agar, Head of Department of Business Administration and Congress President Prof. Dr. Dündar, Actuarial and Risk Management Department Chair Prof. Dr. Fazıl Alioğlu and many academicians and students from different universities participated in the opening ceremony.

Professor Dr. Fazıl Alioğlu

The opening speech of the Congress, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Alioğlu said “I believe that you will share your valuable experiences here for two days with our distinguished academicians from many different universities of our country and from our own university.”

Professor Dr. Süleyman Dündar

Following the opening speech, Congress Chairman Prof. Dr. Süleyman Dündar talked about the important contributions of the insurance activities. Stating that the development and growth of the insurance system will provide employment creation in terms of the country’s economy, Dr. Dundar continued: “As the system grows, the number of insurance companies increase and new jobs are provided. ”

Professor Dr. Murat Agar

Dean of the Faculty of Business Dr. Murat Agar said that the 3rd  National Insurance and Actuarial Karabük University, which hosted the Congress, to the development of the insurance sector, problems, discussed the need to provide support for the resolution, he said. Continued conversation Dr. Agar said, “This congress will allow the emergence of new ideas in this field.” He said.

Deputy Undersecretary of Treasury Ahmet Genç

Deputy Undersecretary of Treasury, speaking at the opening session of the Congress, Ahmet Genç stated that such congresses were held in Başkent and Hacettepe Universities before, and said that the congress continued with each passing year.

Saying he has worked for many years in the insurance industry, he added “I saw that there is a lot of communication in the congress program that is taking place now. I have students among those who made the notification. Now our students are technically aware of these issues better than we do. ”

He said “In the last 15 years, insurance has been a better point than the previous 5 years. Sector and university communication should be much stronger at this point. I am ready to do everything”

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat

At the opening of the Congress, the rector of our university, Professor. Dr. Refik Polat “Years ago I attended a program where the university-industry associations were talked about. There, a speaker said that we needed to meet the universities and the sector which are in need. Thank goodness, our universities have improved a lot now. Our state gives us all kinds of support for our academic studies. Now, we don’t knock on the industrialists’ doors to find funding. We are working together on the projects together.”

Rector Polat said that as the societies develop, the insurance industry also improves. “My main point I would like to mention is that in the past when there was no insurance company, our ancestors helped each other. As the insurance system develops, we, as Muslim Turkish society, should not give up our helpful traditions. Now, we help Arakan the most in the Muslim communities. So, we can say we are the insurance of Arakanese in this regard, “he said.

The congress will continue for two days, with attendees’ presentations.

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