Archers of the future grow up in the KBU

Traditional archery training given by the Karabük University Traditional Sports Club, the archers of the future are growing in our University.

The interest of the students is intense in the training carried out by the Traditional Sports Club in the Faculty of Theology. Theoretical and practical information on archery is given during the 2 days a week training sessions.

Consultant of Traditional Sports Club of our University Inst. Mustafa Yilmaz and his students gave important information about the archery team as well as archery in general.

Our university archery team has been in many competitions before. Our team participated in  The Conquest the 1071 Malazgirt Archery Tournament and The 5th Conquest Archery Cup. Also in April this year, Traditional Pedestrian Archery Competitions were organized by Traditional Sports Club of our university.

The Traditional Sports Club, which was established as a community in 2014 and later transformed into a club, currently has forty female members and seventy male members active.

“Our goal is to reach world records”

Consultant of Traditional Sports Club  Inst. Mustafa Yilmaz stated that traditional archery is an inheritance from our ancestors and bow was entrusted from Prophet Adam and they organized various contests together with the students to maintain this trust.

Yilmaz noted that archery, whose history dates back to ancient times, is also widely found in Islam and that there are many hadith and verses related to it. Saying that arrow represents Allah’s mercy, Yilmaz said, “There are records that can be accessed in the world, and we want to reach these records.”

The students said, ” Archery is the sunnah of our prophet and he never touched bow and arrow without ablution, so we do not touch it without ablution too, we do not target, we shoot with emotion completely.” and noted how they began training.


Benzer Haberler