Karabuk University is among top universities

Times Higher Education (THE), one of the most respected university ranking institutions, has placed Karabuk University among World’s Best 1000 universities for 2020.

Times Higher Education (THE) has announced the best universities for 2020. According to the rankings, Karabuk University has managed to be among “World’s Best 1000 universities”

While 11 universities from Turkey are in the top 1000 list, Karabuk University is the only university not based in Ankara or Istanbul.

Top 1000 universities from Turkey are:

  1. Cankaya University
  2. Sabancı University
  3. Bilkent University
  4. Hacettepe University
  5. Koç University
  6. Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University
  7. Istanbul Technical University
  8. Middle East Technical University
  9. Istanbul University
  10. Karabuk University
  11. Atılım University

You can access the World’s Top 1000 universities list from the link below. https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/2020/world-ranking#!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/scores_overall/sort_order/asc/cols/scores

A letter from Malaysian academician for Karabük University

A Link Exists between Your Heart and Mine- From International Islamic University Malaysia to Karabük University; Me as a Molecular Parasitologist

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“My Journey from Daffodils to Karabük, Dream Happens Here….”

Students who come to Karabuk University from all over the world within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program return to their countries with great emotions, being very satisfied with being in our university, in Karabük and in Turkey.

One of these students Md. Mahbub Sharif who was in Karabuk University during the spring term of 2017-2018 Academic Year shares his thoughts and experiences in Karabuk University.

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“Külliye Karabük”ün Mart sayısı yayında

Ayda bir okurla buluşan Karabük Üniversitesi gazetesi Külliye Karabükün 9. sayısı çıktı.   Devamını Oku

International Industry 4.0 and its Applications Symposium

Karabük University and Malaysian Perlis University jointly organized the “2017 International Industry 4.0 and the Symposium of Practices”.

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Environment conference by Japan Professor

Japan scientist Professor Kunio Yoshikawa gave an important lecture in regard to conversion of waste materials into green products from the perspective of Japan in our University.
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Karabük University participated in EAIE 2017, the largest in Europe

Karabuk University attended in Europe’s largest educational fair ‘EAIE 2017’ which was organized by the European International Education Association in Seville, Spain. Devamını Oku

Soccer tennis is popular at Karabük University

Soccer tennis is played in our country, but it is a very unlikely sport. It has been known for 80 years in our country where professional footballers often play in training.

Among the universities in Turkey, the phrase is known as ‘Karabük University, the father of football’. Everything starts with hosting the tournament 4 years ago and afterwards this sport was included in Turkey University Sports Federation under the leadership of Karabük University. In the tournaments held for 3 years under the roof of Turkish University Sports Federation, the champion is the same name; Karabük University.

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10th Year Events

The 10th Year Activities organized by the University’s Health and Culture Sports Department started with the participation of a large number of students and academic-administrative staff. Devamını Oku

KBU is on the way of being a world university

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat said on our university’s 10th-anniversary events that “Karabük University is in a serious rise by signing important works in the international field. The number of students increased this year as well and reached to 56 thousand and among these 3 thousand six hundred are foreign students.”

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