3. National Insurance and Actuarial Congress

Bringing together academics working in the insurance sector in Turkey, Karabük University 3rd National Insurance and Actuarial Congress began. Devamını Oku

Rector Polat and students in the academic year opening ceremony of the Presidential Complex

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the President of the Council of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç’s in the Presidential Office, our University Rector Professor. Dr. Refik Polat and academicians and students participated in.the 2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony. Devamını Oku

Ornamental chickens become focus of attention in campus

Recep Orkun, a 30-year-old private security officer at our university at the request of Refik Polat, he carried the ornamental chickens, which he had fed on his house, to the campus. The colourful chickens in the coops set up in the university botanical garden area became the focus of the students’ interest. Devamını Oku

10th International Conference on Nuclear Structure Features

The opening of the 10th International Conference on Nuclear Structures Conference, where young researchers working in the field of Nuclear Physics and scientists from abroad who are competent in the field come together. Dr. Refik Polat also participated in the event. Devamını Oku

Training Support to Palestine

Palestine Member of Parliament Sayyid Abo Musameh and Palestine Solidarity Association Fund Raising and Projects Development Director Dr. Şadi Ragıp visited the Rector of Karabuk University Prof. Refik Polat in his office. Devamını Oku