Children’s University in KBU

In Karabuk University, the Children’s University was established in order to help children, in the age group of 7-15, to discover their interests and talents and to give them quality education in science, technology, culture.

Children’s University, there are 11 working studios and 3 laboratories equipped with smart boards and scientific materials to prepare children for the future.

Children will take lessons from the instructors

Director of the Children’s University Mesut Dogan stated that all the courses will be given by the lecturers in our university. Dogan said, “At Children’s University, we are bringing our children together in a brand new, personalized education environment that is coded according to the school and exam format.”

Okt. Mesut Doğan – KBÜ Çocuk Üniversitesi Müdürü

The lessons at Children’s University will be a first

The courses are varying from science to technology, from culture to the art and literature, from sports to music. Mesut Dogan stated that the “Hars” department that means culture, includes authorship education, values ​​education, historical geography, world languages ​​and Ottoman language lessons and especially this will be the first.

Lecturer Mesut Dogan stated that Karabuk University, which is distinguished by its technical departments, will do the same in the newly established Children’s University. Dogan stated that it would be a privilege to have lessons such as robotics and coding, 3D programming, graphic design and next-generation software.

On the other hand, there will be lessons in the field of science such as funny maths, brain teasers, experimental school, creative thinking, and design. And also there will be other lessons such as basketball, chess, photography, archery, guitar and “bağlama”.


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