Environment conference by Japan Professor

Japan scientist Professor Kunio Yoshikawa gave an important lecture in regard to conversion of waste materials into green products from the perspective of Japan in our University.

Academicians and students exhibited great interest to the conference given by Professor Yoshikawa who is working as a lecturer in Environmental Sciences and Technology field in Tokyo Technology Institute, in the Conference Hall of KBU Faculty of Science.

Professor Kunio Yoshikawa who conducts research in fields of waste treatment technologies, energy conversion, thermal engineering, combustion, gasification and atmospheric environmental engineering shared his opinions and studies in regard to the conversion of waste materials into green products, in Karabük University.

The coal for which millions of years are required is produced in 1 hour

Japan scientist Yoshikawa firstly explained that how the coal is produced from the domestic wastes in hydrothermal process. Professor Yoshikawa pointed out that the coal produced in this way has a calorific value being close to the coal commercially sold and emphasized that the coal is obtained from the waste with this method within 1 hour while the formation of coal requires millions of years and this method has been commercialized. Yoshikawa also added to his words that the said method is conducted in the water at low temperature and pressure.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games taken for granted!

Professor Kunio Yoshikawa gave detailed information about generation of fertilizer from food wastes, animal wastes and mud as a second research subject. In another part of the studies, Professor Yoshikawa explained the generation of liquid fuel from waste plastics and mentioned electricity generation from the waste as another study subject. Finally, Japan scientist Yoshikawa conveyed that they recovered the gold found in mobile phones and produced the gold medal to be used in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in this way.

Prof. Yoshikawa informed young researchers and students of what they should pay attention while writing an article as editor of Applied Energy magazine whose effect value is 7. The conference was ended with the answering of participants’ questions.

“This visit will be a milestone in regard to cooperation”

Japan scientist Professor Kunio Yoshikawa who came to our University for giving lecture made statements to Külliye Karabük, newspaper of the University before he left.

Yoshikawa expressed his ideas pertaining to the conference in the University and Karademir visit and said: “As Karabük University, you have established a strong relationship with Kardemir. Also, I know that this company supports the university particularly in engineering fields. This serves as a very good example of university and industry cooperation point. Also, either the conference we gave in the university or Kardemir trip will be a good milestone for us in new cooperation field particularly between Universities, companies and our governments”.

Benzer Haberler