International Industry 4.0 and its Applications Symposium

Karabük University and Malaysian Perlis University jointly organized the “2017 International Industry 4.0 and the Symposium of Practices”.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat,   Perlis University, Malaysia ( UniMAP ) Rector Dr. Zulu Azhar Zahid Jamal , Marmara University Faculty of Industrial Engineering Department Professor Dr. Ercan Öztemel , deans, academicians and many students attended to the Symposium.

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat:   Keeping up with technology is important for every business, including universities

Rector of our university Dr. Refik Polat, as an English speaker at the opening of the congress at Karabük University emphasized the importance of internationalization and aimed to be a world-class university.

Indicating that industry and international cooperation is very important in the development of the university, Rector Polat said ”   Until today, we have worked with many international educational institutions. International conferences are excellent opportunities to connect with people from different countries, learn something from them, build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Today we are honored to organize the congress ‘Industry 4.0 and its Applications’ with the University of Perlis in Malaysia. ”

Referring to the fact that the production world is about to undergo a seismic change, Rector Polat mentioned the historical development of this revolution by saying “We are living a fourth industrial revolution that will change the way things are.”

Rector Polat said: “Technology has progressed over the years and the way we buy, change the way we live, our communication method, our travel patterns. Keeping up with technology is important for every business, including universities. I hope that this conference will generate new ideas and create a road map for further synergies among the universities . ”

Professor Dr. Ercan Öztemel :   If you cannot manage technology, technology will manage you

Prof. Dr. Marmara University Faculty of Industrial Engineering Department Professor. Dr. Ercan Öztemel talked about the historical development of Industry 4.0 and explained the changes that technology has made in human life.

Technological development of the machines in the human life, indicating that more involved, he said that the machines are now in communication with each other and people.

In the past, what people would do with computers, cameras, Professionally, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on machines. Dr. Oztemel explained that today all of these benefits can be achieved with a phone that we can buy a few hundred dollars.

In the presentation he made, he talked about the innovations in the short term in 2025 that will come technologically. Dr. Oztemel , “For example, most experts believe that smart t-shirts will be produced in 2025. This will direct you to sport T-shirts when you measure your heart rate and your heart rate. “He was talking about a lot of examples like this in his speech.

Speaking at the end of the conversation that the technological developments will lead to the problem of job loss Professor. Dr. Öztemel ” Countries that will stand up very quickly to technological developments will overcome this chaos in a short time. But those who can not catch their feet will suffer in the long run. If you cannot manage technology, technology will manage you. ”

Professor Dr. Zulu Azhar Zahid Jamal :   We must prepare ourselves, our children and our society for the future

At the opening session of the Congress   Perlis University, Malaysia ( UniMAP ) Rector Dr. Zulu Azhar Zahid Jamal also made a presentation.

Stating that Karabük University is one of the examples for the future of the university 4.0  Professor Dr. Jamal said, “We must prepare ourselves, our children and our society for the future.”

The world and the industry changed the Professor. Dr. Jamal also noted changes in Asia and Malaysia, stating that today’s world’s industries are applications that have millions of users, such as Facebook , Instagram, Uber, and Amazon.

At the end of his conversation, Prof. Dr. According to Jamal Industry 4.0 , the education systems had to be changed, and they talked about the programs and education systems they applied in Malaysia.

Karabük University Hamit Çepni Conference Hall and the discussions on the R & D activities of Industry 4.0 technologies, national strategies and priorities of our country, where scientists with national and international recognition gathered from researchers, relevant public institutions and private sector practitioners and experts, The Industry 4.0 and Applications Symposium ended on Saturday, October 14.








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