“My Journey from Daffodils to Karabük, Dream Happens Here….”

Students who come to Karabuk University from all over the world within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program return to their countries with great emotions, being very satisfied with being in our university, in Karabük and in Turkey.

One of these students Md. Mahbub Sharif who was in Karabuk University during the spring term of 2017-2018 Academic Year shares his thoughts and experiences in Karabuk University.


When I was a student, I heard about others that he got a scholarship from this university or that university in abroad, and these scholarships always pull my attention, that one day I will also get a scholarship to study overseas. And later than it happens.

I am Md. Mahbub Sharif, Student of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Daffodil International University Bangladesh. Currently, I am studying in Karabük University, Turkey.  From Daffodil International University, Bangladesh to Karabük University, Turkey was not so easy for me. It’s all started in the third year of my bachelor life in my home university at the daffodil international university. Where I heard about Mevlana Exchange Scholarshipprogram offered by Karabük University in Turkey. And I applied for that program along with other students from other departments. With the help and support of my department, I have managed the necessary documents and sent it to Karabük University. And among the other students, only four of us selected for this scholarship program by the Karabük University. Me and Feroz Ahmed from Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Nahid Sultana and Amina Binte Shiuly from Business Administration. It feels like winning a lottery ticket. Later that we began our journey to this unknown country where many surprises were waiting for us. I was very excited and a bit tensed by thinking of my new trip to Karabük University.

It was February 6th when we’re flying from Bangladesh to Turkey. I was flying with other students who also won a scholarship to study in Turkey. From Dhaka (capital city of Bangladesh) to Istanbul we all flew together, and then in Istanbul, some aquatints from Bangladesh met us and assisted in reaching our destination. Our destination was Karabük, far away from the Istanbul city of Turkey. When we arrived in Karabük, it was chilling cold around 3 degrees Celsius. There was a very known face whom we met in Bangladesh, Mr. Kerim Tanis Hojam who was there to pick us and took us to the dormitory. Dormitories of Turkey are very suitable for students who come from more eastern cultures since the dormitories are not mixed. Boys and girls live in different buildings. When we get to our room we discovered there were 3 more Malaysian boys are staying. Next day I went to my university, and that day I was accompanied by other students who also came from, Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, applied through the same program. In the University, I could feel the freedom, I was welcomed by my very own Bengali language by Mr. Adnan Hojam. It was an enriching experience for me to meet such kind of person at the very beginning. Later than I felt fortunate to see many known and welcoming faces, Mrs. Oya Hojam, Kerim Hojam, Esad Hojam, Regayip Hojam and many more. It was a great moment to be introduced by these people in the very new campus.

I can certainly say that my student life was incredible mainly due to conveniences and opportunities in the university. The university itself has everything in it, starting from its geological location is in the center of the city. And by surrounding it, there were hospitals, banks, and local markets. You can give 100% of yourself to education in this place. My campus was in another city named Safranbolu, which is an old touristic city famous for Saffron and old houses and declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. And a piece of heaven for a tourism student like me. The architectural design of the mosque and the countries pristine beauty amazed me a lot.

I have found Karabük University, Turkey is one of the most foreign-friendly university in Turkey. I can assure you that during my four months of study in Karabük University, I have never felt myself differentiated because I am not a Turk. On the opposite, most of the Turkish people are very humble and willing to help whenever you need it.  When I entered my new classroom, I can able to feel that I was the point of attention of other students. After some time, my fellow classmates started coming to me by asking a few questions. Their questions were typical like, where I from being? When I replied that I am from southern part of Asia named Bangladesh, they were amazed, since they were expecting me to be from India, Pakistan or somewhere around that region. Their another frequent question was, whether I know Turkish or not? And my broken newly learned Turkish language answer to their question made most of them break into a laugh. The best thing I love about Turkish people, that Turkish people are highly patriotic. Celebrations of Independence etc. are spread among all people. There was Turkish flag waved everywhere. Other than the patriotism, the Turkish society taught me to be humbler. They pay a lot of devotion in rejoicing the religious holidays, it was awesome. Apart from all of these There was more student from Romania, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan too. We celebrated our Bengali new year, there was a cultural event named, Know Your Country, where we introduced our culture, food, traditional attire to the other countries students, we were very fortunate that our Home university Chairman visited us during the study period. Apart from that we also get chance to meet the University Rector and even the Mayor of Karabük.

During our four months of stay, we have visited some local schools assisted by Mr. Adnan Hojam, who has given his precious time from his busy schedule, where we got chance to teach English as a volunteer activity. We have also visited Zonguldak, Amasra, The Black Sea, Nevsehir, Aksaray, Cappadocia. The most exciting thing in Turkey is their food, which was entirely different from Asiatic cuisine, their food culture also differed from one region to another. The kitchen of the Black sea region uses fish widely and western parts Turkey are rich in vegetables, but all areas in Turkey, they have a sweet tooth, they love sweets and desserts, Baklava, Shekar para, Konufa, Tulumba are most often eaten by them, especially on holidays. They like to drink Tea and Turkish Coffee. In Turkey wherever you go, you will find something special of that region to eat. But I love their food, the Kebabs, Koftes, Pides, Breads, Chorbas are the best food I ever tested.

Moreover, I want to describe Turkey or Karabuk University in a word Its “DAHA GUZEL” Mevlana Scholarship is a blessing for me. Every day this University, this city, and this country are giving me a bunch of memories of happiness and unforgettable experience. My love for Karabük University and love for the country will increase more and more. I share my endless love, respect and thanks to my beloved teachers and my funny, funky, jolly, sweet friends for such support and unforgettable experience. And thank my home university Daffodil International University, my department teachers for their support and guidance. I believe I owe you all.

Make belief in yourself, there is no Success in tomorrow, Success is now, here with you, just believe it.

Mahbub Sharif

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