Ornamental chickens become focus of attention in campus

Recep Orkun, a 30-year-old private security officer at our university at the request of Refik Polat, he carried the ornamental chickens, which he had fed on his house, to the campus. The colourful chickens in the coops set up in the university botanical garden area became the focus of the students’ interest.

Recep Orkun, who has been working as a private security officer in Karabük University for 9 years, Dr. At the request of Refik Polat, he carried 12 kinds of ornamental chickens in the house coin to the campus. Orkun increased the number of races in two years to 20. Students also come to the coops in their spare time feeding the ornamental chickens, spending time and stress.

Recep Orkun said that he had the opportunity to feed ornamental chickens in a wider area in front of his house in a narrower field camp, he continued as follows: “We decided together with our rector. We told college to use the visuals. We organized an event like this. Their care is difficult, but it’s a pleasurable business. We have close to 70 broodstock animals. We have 200 young chicks. There are 20 kinds of ornamental animals. Most of us in our race are rare. Appenzeller, for example, there are 20-30 people in Turkey. ”

Our Rector Dr. Refik Polat said: “After learning that our security officer was involved in such a business, I had the opportunity to see it personally. I am very impressed. This is not an ordinary egg chicken, but an ornamental hen. I said we need to share it with our students. For this work, we have allocated such an empty space within our university. We raise chickens from different parts of the world and leave them to our students and guests. It’s so good to get stress. It is very pleasant to watch them. The viewers are very impressed. There are many surprises. There are many people who say they have arrived in such chickens. This is a beautiful rehabilitation area for our students free of charge, harmless. ”

Fahriye Boz, a senior in Mechatronics Engineering, says, “We like to come and love them. We feed them. These are all the chickens we will see. We come here and throw our stress. Our citizens can come here and enjoy the chickens. This is really a nice one, “he said.

Doğuhan Kayan said, “We spend time with them. There are chickens and roosters from India, China, not just from our country. It’s so much fun. There is a different activity for both us and for chickens and roosters, “he said.


Benzer Haberler