Soccer tennis is popular at Karabük University

Soccer tennis is played in our country, but it is a very unlikely sport. It has been known for 80 years in our country where professional footballers often play in training.

Among the universities in Turkey, the phrase is known as ‘Karabük University, the father of football’. Everything starts with hosting the tournament 4 years ago and afterwards this sport was included in Turkey University Sports Federation under the leadership of Karabük University. In the tournaments held for 3 years under the roof of Turkish University Sports Federation, the champion is the same name; Karabük University.

We made an interview with Inst. Ensar Köktaş, the coach of our soccer tennis team, to share our great success on behalf of our newspaper Külliye Karabük.

Busenur Kalaycıoğlu

There are no leagues but teams of universities are competing

Instructor Ensar Köktaş from Karabük University Hasan Dogan School of Physical Education and Sports stated that the football team is not officially under a federation yet and it is called as a special platform. Köktaş, who said that there are no teams on the basis of the clubs, noted that this sport has great interest among the sports universities that have been included in the Federation of University Sports for the last 3 years.

“The popularity of football tennis is starting to grow”

Ensar Köktaş also mentioned the application form of soccer tennis which has a favorable game structure; “Soccer tennis court has nearly the same measure of tennis court and is based on throwing a ball in the court using any part of the body except arms. In time, interest in soccer tennis has begun to increase due to its natural atmosphere and presence of more spectacular artistic movements

“The first rise of this branch in Turkey is our university”

Köktaş, who stated that football tennis is increasingly prevalent in some of the European countries and especially in Balkan countries, has not yet been represented in the national team level because it is not under a federation in this country yet it will be formed soon and it will be the universities where the substructure will be established for this. Köktaş who said that the first rise of this branch among universities in Turkey is Karabük University and added that “We organized a special tournament in our university in 2013 with the request of our students and lecturers four years ago. 11 teams participated in the tournament. This was the first time as we organized the tournament and we won the tournament because of our advantage of being a host and our students’ tendency and work. ”

“We went and believed in ourselves”

Köktaş continued to tell the success story he had obtained from his university football team with the following words: “In 2014, after this organization which was specially realized in 2013, our university was entitled to enter the Turkish University Sports Federation. Since we are the pioneer of this work, we have hosted the second tournament as Karabük University. 19 teams participated in this competition, where our university became the first and thereafter this work continued to increase a little more each year. In 2015, we went to the Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun, believing in ourselves as the champion of the last two years and we were successful. ”


“Success: hard to catch, but harder to maintain”

“Our successes with each passing year have passed through stressful periods but we have struggled in Samsun in our third year in the direction of our talented and talented team of friends and talented people. Finally, we closed the tournament with the first prize of our team at Pamukkale University in 2016. So when we look at it, our team has been champion for 4 years.

“We to defend title this year”

“This year, in our 5th year, we are continuing our uninterrupted work as the strongest candidate for the tournament, and we have to do it because every team comes out on our way. Each and every year our work becomes more difficult and our generation is in a situation that needs to change. But this is why they will never be able to yearn for us. ”


“We ensure our university will on first ranking”

Köktaş stated that this branch should meet the official federation identity in a very short time and noted that when it comes to the identity of the federation, there will be a need for sportsmen to represent it internationally. Ensar Köktaş said that the students of our university that provide these achievements will be the guarantees of the works they will perform in the competition. “We are trying to open a door like this for our student friends, which is very important for us. In addition, we will continue to make sure that our university is in the top of the list with all the achievements of our students with this endeavor. ”

Köktaş is finally making choices at the beginning of each year for our students who are from different departments who want to participate in “Football” or all other branches. Whether s/he has a sportive experience, we are happy to see everybody who has a desire for enthusiasm among us. “

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