Students from 50 different countries cooked ashoura

In our university, because of the day of the accusation, the activity of cooking and distribution of ashoura was realized with the participation of students from 50 different countries.

Activities organized at the Social Life Center Dr. Refik Polat, Chad Ankara Ambassador Djidda Moussa Outman, Karabük Provincial Auditor Halil Bektaş, faculty deans, institute directors, academicians and many students attended.

The events that students from different countries came to our university for training with their local attire became the scene of colourful moments. The students who were established in the middle of the activity area, in their own language, saying ‘be blessed,’ he earned successively in the hands of the material of the ashoura. After the students, our Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat and Chad Ambassador Djidda Moussa Outman left the material for the victory like students. Baked ashoura was served to attendants after Karabük Provincial Muftusu Halil Bektaş’s pray.

“I hope we will be fertile for our country and our nationality”

Rector Polat, who participated in the statements during the distribution of ashoura, said, “Last year, we made ‘tolerance bread’ with foreign students studying at Karabük University during memorial activities of Hoca Ahmed Yesevi last year. This year we have matched the urea month. I hope that our success with our international students will be fertile for our country and for our nationality. I would also like to thank Chad Ambassador for not denying our invitation but for coming. ”

“We thank Karabük University on behalf of Chad State”

Chad Ambassador of Ankara thanked Rector Polat for his invitation for the Day of Ashuora and said: “We are pleased to join Karabük University’s acute activity. I hope it will be fertile. I wish success to students who study at Karabük University. I also would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Chad State for accepting more than 200 Chad students. ”

The event ended after the memorial picture was taken.


Benzer Haberler