Teknokent has been accepted by the Council of Ministers

Karabük University Technology Development Zone; it was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force with the decision of the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers decided that certain areas in Zonguldak and Karabük should be identified as technology development zones.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force, it was decided to use the area whose coordinates were specified in Karabük’s center district Kılavuzlar village as “Karabük University Technology Development Zone”.

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat talked about the topic and said “I wish that the Technology Development Zone which will be established in our university will be good for our city and for our university. Today, the level of global competitiveness of a country is directly proportional to the capacity of that country to produce ‘new knowledge’ and ‘technological development. The university where the new information and the technological application are gathered under the same roof- industrial business association model is a world-class model whose direct impacts on the technology-based development of countries were proven. I believe that with Teknopark we will establish in our university, we will carry our university-industry business association model much further.”

Rector Polat has listed the advantages that Teknokent to be established in Karabük University will provide to entrepreneurs who will be active in R & D activities with the following items;

    • Earnings from software development and R & D activities are exempt from income and corporate tax until December 31, 2023.
    • Sales of application software manufactured in TGB are exempt from VAT until December 31, 2023.Theseincludesystemmanagement, data management, business applications, different business sectors, the internet, mobile phones and software used in military command control systems.
    • Until December 31, 2023, the wages of the R & D and support personnel working in the region related to these duties are exempt from taxation.
    • The businesses can carry out the investment needed to produce the technological product that they have achieved in R & D projects they started and concluded in the region provided that the managing company finds it suitable and it is permitted by the Ministry.
    • Until 12.2024, during five years, 50 % of SSI premium employer share is covered by the state.”

    Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat stated that Teknopark will provide services to entrepreneurs who want to do R & D work on material development, machine production, automation, and software and so on and as his last remarks he said “I would like to extend my gratitude to all friends involved in the establishment of Karabük University Technology Development Zone. The building, which is planned to be used as a Technology Development Zone within the campus and whose project works have been completed, will be finished as soon as possible and will be made available to all entrepreneurs.”

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