Training Support to Palestine

Palestine Member of Parliament Sayyid Abo Musameh and Palestine Solidarity Association Fund Raising and Projects Development Director Dr. Şadi Ragıp visited the Rector of Karabuk University Prof. Refik Polat in his office.

Subjects regarding cooperation in the training were discussed in the interview where the Dean of Faculty of Theology  Prof. Dr. Hür Mahmut Yücer and Vice-Dean Associate Professor Dr. Yakup Koçyiğit were present.

Deputy of Parliament Sayyid Abo Musameh who stated that they are always grateful to the supports of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkish people to Palestine said “We want to increase the cooperation in the training as well as all supports given. As Karabuk University, we wait for your supports in the sense of training, culture and economy”.

The Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Refik Polat held the floor following the speech of Palestinian Deputy and said “There is no formality between us and Palestine. We are two brother countries. Our doors are always open for you at the training point. We are pleased to give support to the Palestinian students who want to receive training in our University as much as we can”.

The interview where it was agreed on the increase of cooperation in training ended with mutual gift presentation.

Benzer Haberler